Spirit rescue

Notice! This service is only provided within Stockholm area.

If you experience unnatural things in your home or feel unexplained discomforts, you might have a spirit energy that is stuck between our world and the spirit world in your home. You can also have a visit from someone who has passed away and is on the other side but now visiting you and want to have contact with you.
At a spirit rescue, I walk around in your home and see if you have one or more spirits/energies stuck between our worlds or visiting from the other side. I help the spirits who are stuck over to the other side, and those who are visiting I will convey messages from to you. 

A Spirit rescue takes a different length of time depending on the size of your home and the amount of the spirits/energies that are there. The most common thing is that a Spirit rescue takes about 2 hours.

Price: 1800 SEK (max 2 hours). If the Spirit rescue takes more than 2 hours, you will have to pay 400 SEK extra for every start of an half an hour.

You pay by paying by card, via Swish or cash on my visit to you (MasterCard, Visa).

To book a Spirit rescue please send me an e-mail to elisabeth.edborg@sevenstars.nu or call me +46 (0)73-656 50 52.

For information about the terms of cancellation, rebooking or cancellation of the service, see Terms.