Regression Healing

During a Regression healings session I receive information from specific events from one or more past lives and how they affected you in this life. Impact can be physical or mental (behavioral). Negative impact I work away with the help of healing and the positive reinforcement. I am filling with energy in your physical body, energy fields and chakras that need recharge and stabilization.

During the session, I will tell you what I’m getting for information and what impact it has had for you. I also advise you on what you may need to do to release or enhance the impact of past lives. It may be dietary advice, exercise, exercise, supplementary treatments with other therapists, behavioral changes, etc.

The session concludes by enclosing you with healingenergy so that the energy can continue to work to balance your body and replenish your energy even after the session itself is completed. How long the healingenergy continues to work in your body is individual.

The healing is given both by holding my hands on you and also without touching you physically.

A Regression healing session takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Price: 1 550 SEK

You can pay via Swish or by card for your visit (MasterCard or Visa).

Booking a time is easiest via BokaDirekt, click on the button Boka Tid and you will enter the booking system directly and choose time.


You can also call me, +46 (0)73-656 50 52.

For information about the terms of cancellation, rebooking or cancellation of the service, see Terms.