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”My Way to the Stars”

In my chapter “My Way to the Stars” you can read about how I understood I could communicate with the spirit world and went from being an IT manager and project manager to Medium, Transmedium and Healer. It came a bit like a surprise to me but still felt so right. It was during a summer week 2004 that most happened and I realized I was medial and could communicate with people who had passed away.

My way was lined with difficulties in different ways, and it took some time before I took the step to leave the IT-business and work fulltime as a Medium and Healer. Nothing I’m regret today I did. I have probably never felt as happy as when I work with the spirit world and can communicate with its “residents”, people who has passed away and our guides. Also, getting the opportunity to learn more about the spirit world, mediumhood and healing. I can not say anything but I love my work!

In my chapter “My Way to the Stars” you also get a little insight into how the spirit world and our loved ones who passed away can resonate and convey messages. Even what might happen when they pass away. I also write a little about how I look forward to new adventures in my life.

Other co-authors and their chapters

In addition to the chapter “My way to the stars” that I have written, there are another ten chapters to read and be inspired of. It’s amazing life and “travel” my co-authors have done. Read and let yourself be inspired and let yourself take your life to wherever you want to go.

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