There are two books that are central to me. One is done, printed, ready and launched. Ready for you to buy. The second book is an ongoing project that I have been on for a couple of years.

The complete book has the title “Transformational Stories” and is written by eleven different women. The book has been published through a book project via Global Woman Club Stockholm and published by GW Publishing. In that book I have written a chapter “My way to the stars”. There you can read the short version of how my life changed from working in IT to becoming medium, transmedium and healer with my own company Seven Stars, now changed to EESS Education & Consulting AB.

The book “Transformational Stories” is in my webb-shop for you to buy.

Link to the Webb-Shop –>>

The other “on-going book” (title is not yet set) is intended to explain in more detail how life led me from working in the IT industry, such as IT manager and project manager to work full time as medium, transmedium and healer. Something I could not even dream in my wildest imagination that I would do. Additionally, there will be information from the spirit world channeled via tranceseanses that I have held during a couple of years.

Books about one’s life take time to write so I’m still writing “my book”. Maybe, though, my writing will speed up now and that “my book” will get the chance to get written.