About me

My name is Elisabeth Edborg and I am an former IT project manager and IT-manager who now works as a medium, trancemedium and healer. I am certified by Iris Hall, L.I.F.E. I am also an educated instructor in Mindfulness.

My awareness that I had medium skills arrived quite late in my life, I was over 40 years when I realized it. It was after a series of events during the summer of 2004 as I made that insight. Once I understood it, I also got an explanation of a number of events I’ve had before. I realized that I could feel souls from the other side since I was just over 20 years old. Probably earlier also but there is nothing I remember.

After the events of 2004, a number of meetings led me to the start of 2005 at the medium-
development course at Iris Hall and spring 2009 I then took my medium certificate. I also taught me to the spiritual healer of Iris Hall and attended a course in intuitively reading tarot cards to provide guidance.

My professional background, before I started working as a medium, trancemedium and healer, is that I have worked in the IT industry since the early 80’s, first as a technician, educator, helpdesk support and later as a project manager and also as a manager. In the role of project manager I have also been a mentor of other project managers. Most of the time, I have worked at IT departments at insurance companies, but I have also worked for about 10 years in a major international IT company.

Since May 2010 I have been working full time as a medium and healer. The name of my company is EESS Education & Consulting AB.

For you who want to know more about my education and work experience, see my CV